About SCA

Data Amplified 2018 is presented in conjunction with the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority


About the Securities and Commodities Authority


The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) works to create opportunities for investing of savings and wealth in securities and commodities in a way that will serve the interest of the national economy, ensure safe and accurate transactions on the markets, safeguard the factors of demand and supply as the pricing mechanism and protect investors by entrenching the principles of sound and fair transactions among them, in addition to promoting investment awareness and ensuring financial and economic stability.

Since it started operations, the SCA has placed among its top priorities the implementing of the rules of Federal law No. (4) of 2000. It continues to strive to achieve its targeted objectives which has at the top of its priorities the protecting of rights of investors and providing of investment climate conducive for transacting business in securities.

To achieve those objectives, the SCA developed a comprehensive legislation system which caters for the issues of offering and listing of securities and their mechanisms. It also took the necessary steps and continues to strive to develop the UAE capital market on scientific and professional basis and according to best international practices.



The SCA was established by virtue of Federal Law No. (4) of 2000. With its headquarters in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi and a branch in Dubai, the SCA may open branches or offices to cater for its obligations of regulating, supervising and monitoring of markets in the country. 

Being a corporate entity, the SCA enjoys financial and administrative independence and wields the necessary authority to discharge its tasks according to the established Law and regulations. 


To build a sustainable investment environment within an advanced financial market.


To safeguard the rights of investors, promote sound practices, and create an environment attractive to capital, using innovative systems.

  • Fairness and integrity:  To maintain the rights of all participants in securities and commodities markets and strengthen the soundness and accuracy of the transactions executed.
  • Partnerships and cooperation: To forge quality alliances and enter into meaningful strategic partnerships to achieve mutual benefit and serve common interest in capital markets.
  • Transparency: To provide all capital market participants with sufficient information and data simultaneously.
  • Creativity: To adopt and implement innovation and excellence standards in designing and executing tasks.

  • First Goal
    To enhance the legislative framework necessary for the development of UAE-based capital markets. 
  • Second Goal
    To safeguard the rights of financial market investors.
  • Third Goal
    To promote transparency and corporate governance practices.
  • Fourth Goal
    To ensure the provision of all administrative services in line with the transparency, efficiency and quality standards.
  • Fifth Goal
    To foster a culture of innovation in an institutional workplace