Accountants – Prepare for the Future

Why should accountants attend Data Amplified?


At Data Amplified, accountants will discover future trends in business reporting and opportunities for their clients or organisations to improve their handling and use of data to meet strategic objectives.


  • Discover how to turn compliance requirements into an opportunity for your clients or organisation to use structured data to improve business operations and performance.
  • Experts from around the world will show you how to apply the concepts of structured data analysis to bring success to your clients or organisation.
  • The accounting industry is being deeply impacted by new technologies and processes. Attend Data Amplified to better understand how and why this is happening and how you can best prepare yourself and your organisation to use new technologies like Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • The knowledge you obtain at Data Amplified in Singapore will help you to provide better service to your clients, create value in your organisation and be prepared for the future.
  • Accountants who are able to embrace new technologies and use structured data effectively will be the leaders in their industry.


Attend Data Amplified to start your journey today!


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