The Intersection of Structured Data and FinTech

A new way of thinking about data is emerging – one that breaks down the silos between external and internal reporting; that moves past compliance mandates and towards a data-centric environment that marries the proven benefits of structured data with the possibilities of emerging technologies like Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

As part of the FinTech Technologies Track, Data Amplified will examine how these new technologies and processes will impact the future of business reporting.

Session: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Financial System Efficiency

The backbone of 21st century finance, or overhyped buzz words? Decide yourself.

Topics that will be examined:

  • Understanding blockchain and what it means
  • Demonstrating blockchain ledgers
  • Debating the value of permissioned vs open blockchains
  • Demonstrating blockchain backed smart contracts
  • Regulatory response to blockchain


Session: Artificial Intelligence

One of the key global technology developments is the rapidly increasing maturity of Artificial Intelligence systems, that can be thought of as algorithms that are taking data analysis to the next level. How will AI impact reporting?

Topics that will be examined:

  • AI support for business decision-making
  • AI and structured data
  • AI and the regulated business
  • AI and the regulator
  • What skills do today’s business reporting professionals need to take advantage of the next wave of AI capabilities?


Session: Big Data and Reporting

The term “big data” covers a range of new technologies, designed to deal with the exponential increase in data and data sources. What opportunities do these new technologies open up? What questions do they raise? What capabilities are available today?

Topics that will be examined:

  • Opportunities for data analysis – big data and structured reporting
  • Managing data privacy, data location and cyber security in a big data world.
  • Transactional data reporting and regulation. A paradigm shift?


Session: Standardisation and Interoperability

Topics that will be examined:

  • The LEI and XBRL – understanding identity across boundaries
  • BEPS and the need to understand connection between reporting entities
  • Making Integrated and Non-Financial reporting comparable and re-usable
  • Understanding the Integrated and Non-Financial landscape and why it’s a vital part of reporting going forward.
  • Equity and debt crowdfunding around the world: New rules. New opportunities?


Session: Fintech and Collaboration – Ecosystems are all important

Topics that will be examined:

  • Managing metadata across organizational boundaries
  • Expanding the SBR vision
  • Leveraging standardized taxonomies: SBR and banking


Session: Panel – Global Opportunities for Enhancing Efficiency

Topics that will be examined:

  • How will Fintech technologies impact regulated business?
  • Next steps for standardization for comparability
  • Where next for SBR around the world?

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