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The Academic Track presents recent and ongoing research from around the world that examines the application of XBRL to meet various business needs, as well as the effect different applications and methodologies have on business reporting outcomes.

Analysts Coverage
Glen Gray, Cal State University – Northridge

We investigate the benefits of mandatory adoption of the XBRL in the U. S. In particular, we complement previous studies on the market consequences of XBRL adoption by investigating a sample of Phase II and Phase III filers. Our findings indicate that XBRL adoption is positively associated with analyst following as well as analyst forecast accuracy. In addition, we document that the association with analyst following is stronger for Phase II filers than for Phase III filers. In contrast, in the long-term, forecast accuracy increases for Phase III filers, but not for Phase II filers. Our study shows that analyst forecast behavior changes according to the XBRL adoption phase and has important implications for authorities and market regulators.

Open Database
Herm Fischer, MarkV Systems


Academic Research