Assurance and XBRL

Al Baraha 2
Structured data in financial statements is becoming the key ingredient in investors models, but in most jurisdictions the machine-readable aspects of these disclosures are not yet audited. What’s happening? And what needs to happen?

The Path to Independent Review – What’s needed to ensure that the Audit profession can examine the machine readable aspects of securities filings?
Robert Tarola, Right Advisory and Paul Snijders, Semansys

In this presentation, XBRL International Board Member, Robert Tarola will outline the reasons that independent audit or assurance over machine readable aspects of financial statements is important, and the steps required to ensure that audit regulators can provide a framework that can be consistently applied. This will be supported by Paul Snijders from Semansys, who will demonstrate the approach being used in the Netherlands for small and medium sized companies. Our speakers will conclude by describing the way forward to internationally recognised and consistent audit standards in this field.