Expanding Adoption

Al Baraha 2
More and more projects, and solutions, right around the world are leveraging the benefits of standardisation combined with tight connections to core business systems. What are the benefits to these end-to-end solutions?

Integration of Value-Added Services in Post Trade Messaging
Gokce Ilirus, MKK

Managing a host of public company corporate activities in open and fair ways is one important aspect of securities markets operations. The team at MKK, Turkey’s Central Securities Depository, have embraced standards to help this process, including innovative ways to manage proxy voting at AGMs and other corporate meetings. Find out how corporate disclosure in XBRL fits into a vital supply chain of processes that help keep markets healthy, open and competitive.

Business Reporting at Scale: Implementing Structured Data with XBRL in Malaysia
Farid Ahmad, Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM)

Covering more than a million private companies, the Malasian companies registrar, SMM, has shifted from paper to data for annual financial disclosures.This talk from Farid Ahmad will walk through the complex change management process that this important initiative required.