Part 3 – Big Changes Ahead?


Fintech Transformation – A look ahead
Mr Jerry Zhou, Chairman & CEO of Huifu Payment
China is leading the world in rethinking finance and payments. Mr Cherry Zhou, Chairman & CEO of Huifu Payment, a leading Chinese Fintech will outline the changes to business, finance and everyday life that rethinking payments from the ground up can bring about, posing important questions for everyone involved.

Granular Data — The Next Frontier?
Regulators around the world are rethinking the manner in which their data requirements can be met, with many exploring the idea of obtaining more data in a raw, or “granular” state. How could this work? What are the new risks and new opportunities?
Panel: Chair Michal Piechocki
Panelists: Alessandro Bonara, Paul Hulst, and Stanislav Korop

Experiments in Enterprise Reporting using Structured Data
Panel – Chair Chao Li
Panelists: Mr Wei Dong, Mr Lin Guoqiang, Mr Han Xiangdong, Mr Zhang Liangjie