XBRL Around the World

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In these talks, experts from both solution providers and regulators will take attendees through current examples of some of the more than 100 XBRL implementations from around the world, sharing best practices and providing insight into how the XBRL standard is being used to meet business requirements, enhance capital markets in the eyes of investors and increase transparency and accountability.

Digitising the Regulatory Data Environment in South Africa
Pregasen Moodley, Lead Information Architect at the South African Reserve Bank

This talk will discuss how South African regulators are modernising the regulatory data environment for this emerging and developing nation by leveraging best practices and industry trends such as Digitization, Fin Tech, Cognitive and advanced analytics, Big data and Cloud computing.

The discussion will also outline the practical, yet forward-looking and collaborative process where regulators are working together with reporting institutions, policy and standard-setting bodies, advisory groups and technology providers to develop a sustainable and future-proof regulatory value chain relevant to the local environment, and in support of economic growth for the country and region.

Implementing XBRL in“Frontier”Markets, the Kuwaiti Experience
Abdullah Khaled al-Terkait, Chief Kuwaiti Capital Markets Authority

“Frontier” markets are more developed than the least developing countries, but too small to be generally considered an emerging market. Exchanges and securities regulators in some of these markets are applying XBRL to enhance their operations and transparency, with the aim of advancing their market’s standing in the eyes of investors. The Kuwaiti Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is committed to supporting an attractive and competitive investment environment through structured data reporting. With over 30 countries falling into this classification, this is a must see presentation for investors, analysts and regulators as Khaled al-Terkait takes you through lessons learned, the stakeholder experience and next steps.

XBRL Implementation Project of Bank of Russia
Olga Goncharova, Central Bank of Russia

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is implementing a long-term strategy focused on growing robust financial markets in Russia. Among other things, the strategy objectives are: to improve access to capital markets, to increase transparency of the financial sector, to improve financial literacy in Russia and digitalization of financial reporting.

CBR considers it extremely important to ensure access of Russian companies to advanced digital technologies. Implementation of new IT solutions in the financial sector is aimed at dramatic reduction of transaction costs of financial market participants and expansion of consumer access to various financial products and services.

CBR started its XBRL implementation in 2015 and will present the challenges and successes in this session.

XBRL Benchmark Track