Janis Reichardt

AMANA Consulting

Janis Reichardt is the lead developer of the AMANA XBRL Engine, one of the first certified XBRL processors, as well as the AMANA XBRL Portal, an XBRL management and creation tool at AMANA consulting in Germany.

Janis has several years of experience with XBRL and other reporting solutions. He successfully carried out XBRL related projects at major European banks and insurers fulfilling their requirements for EBA’s Supervisory Reporting as well as EIOPA’s Solvency II Framework and other European supervisory requirements. Close cooperation with the customers’ accounting and reporting groups led to his deep insight into the needs and challenges of XBRL report creation. Apart from XBRL, Janis also led the project on implementing the MiFID II requirements at the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein.

Prior to joining AMANA consulting, Janis worked in the inhouse reporting department of a German bank. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology and a Master of Science in Applied Computer Science from the University of Duisburg-Essen.

My Sessions

Enterprise Reporting

Al Baraha 3

New tools are emerging the are tightly connected to enterprise source system, simplifying complex reporting tasks. This talk explores one example.