John Turner

XBRL International

John Turner is the CEO of XBRL International, the standards development organisation behind XBRL, the business reporting standard. XBRL International works to enhance transparency and accountability in business performance by developing and promoting its freely licensed global data exchange specifications in the public interest.

Mr Turner has previously served as the CEO of CoreFiling, a leading XBRL vendor, led the XBRL activities of KPMG International LLP and ran the first regulatory project to utilise XBRL for data collection, leading the data collection and analysis reengineering efforts at APRA, the Australian financial regulator. He is a passionate advocate for the pragmatic use of standards to enhance reporting and with the staff of XBRL International works with the consortium’s members and leading regulators around the world to this end.

Turner holds BA/LLB from the University of Queensland, where in addition to a law degree he majored in computer science and government. Now based in Oxford in the UK, he works in his current role with regulators, policy makers, standards setters, financial institutions and the accounting profession from around the world to improve business reporting to the benefit of a wide range of users.

My Sessions

Modernisation of XBRL

Al Baraha 2

The path ahead: What is next for the XBRL standard? Structured Reporting with XBRL continues to accellerate around the world, but so too are changes in technology. What can be done to enhance the world’s digital business reporting standard in a way that improves the information that decision makers receive and simplified and modernises the […]


Closing Remarks

Al Baraha 3

Data Disruption: Which new technologies impact reporting and how should I prepare?

Al Baraha 2&3

What does the advent of new technologies mean for regulators and the regulated, their advisors and software providers? Beyond the buzzwords, beyond the frenzy, beyond the hype. Which developments must we pay attention to? What do we need to do, to learn, to create, to test, to prove and to do better to set a […]


Transforming Business: How can structured data improve outcomes?

Al Baraha 2&3

What are we learning from around the world? What are the next steps for standardisation? This panel of innovators and industry leaders will discuss and debate where we are today and the way that countries — and companies — can stand out from the crowd. Balancing regulatory needs with industry burden. Concrete steps to help […]