Paul Hulst

Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

Paul Hulst works as data specialist and XBRL team lead for the Dutch Central Bank as of 2016, previously working for Deloitte Netherlands. He has conducted various XBRL projects focused on the design and creation of XBRL taxonomies as well as on the preparation of XBRL instance documents. These projects have given him extensive knowledge of the XBRL standard and of XBRL software tools. Paul is a member of the NBA (Dutch association of Chartered Accountants) Taskforce on XBRL/SBR Assurance, the Expertise Group of the Dutch Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Program and the Taxonomy Architecture Guidance Task Force of XBRL International. He is the principal architect of the GRI taxonomy that was launched in 2012. Using the GRI Taxonomy Paul created the Deloitte Sustainability Report 2011/2012 as an XBRL instance. Paul regularly conducts XBRL training sessions and has presented at many conferences about the design and implementation aspects of XBRL. From his many years of experience with the implementation of large scale business intelligence & data integration projects, he has extensive experience in data architectures and information flows. He has presented at many previous conferences on XBRL assurance, sustainability reporting and other XBRL topics and was the track chair for the non-financial track at the Dublin conference.

My Sessions

Data Quality in Structured Reporting

Al Baraha 2

Developing business rules that help ensure that errors don’t creep into filings should be a key part of every significant XBRL project. This session will aim to answer the following questions: What have we learnt around the world? What are different projects doing, or planning on doing, to help manage data quality?