Paul Snijders


Paul was amongst the first members of XBRL and is co-founder of the Dutch jurisdiction of XBRL International and one of the driving forces behind the global adoption of XBRL. Until December 2015 Paul was vice chair of XBRL Netherlands. Paul has a background in finance and accounting and is involved in pragmatic implementations of digital reporting on a daily basis. As member of the International Specification Workgroup, advisory and leader of the software group of XBRL The Netherlands, vice chair of XBRL Europe, member of SBR Platform, member of SBR International, member of the Implementation Group of XBRL-UK, the Tools Section of XBRL-Germany, Corep/Finrep, XBRL-GL and the CRAS workgroup, Paul has gained recognition as an expert in definition and practical deployment of the standard.

Paul was founding board member and director of the EU funded ‘XBRL in Europe’ consortium. He acts as strategic advisor in the assurance working group, Big four accounting firms, regulator implementations and for global software companies.

Paul was the initiator of the first XBRL projects in the Europe including the Netherlands government project SBR and acted as project manager architecture. Paul is lead author of the True and Fair view ‘Normative Presentation’ specification as published by the Dutch Institute of accountants (NBA) and required for EBA and annual accounts.

He has a history in: Finance and accounting, Financial Consolidation Industry, Decision Support, Executive Information Systems, Business Intelligence & data warehousing, Semantic modeling solutions, XBRL standardization Committee, XBRL assurance.

My Sessions

Assurance and XBRL

Al Baraha 2

Structured data in financial statements is becoming the key ingredient in investors models, but in most jurisdictions the machine-readable aspects of these disclosures are not yet audited. What’s happening? And what needs to happen?