Shu Huihao


Huihao Shu, PhD in management, Secretary of the party committee of CICPA.

He served as member, deputy head member, head, deputy director, director of Accounting division of the Ministry of Finance from 1993 to 2019, except worked as a deputy ombudsman of the Ministry of Finance in Henan province from 2006 to 2010. Since May 2019, he has been the secretary-general of CICPA. He also was representative of UNCTAD inter-governmental working group on standards of international accounting reporting (ISAR)from 2011 to 2017.


1993年3月至2006年12月,财政部会计司科员、副主任科员、主任科员、副处长、处长;2006年12月至2010年6月,财政部驻河南专员办副监察专员; 2010年6月至2014年8月,财政部会计司副巡视员; 2014年8月至2019年3月,财政部会计司副司长;2019年3月起,任中国注册会计师协会党委书记;2019年5月起,任中国注册会计师协会秘书长。2011年至2017年,联合国贸发组织国际会计报告标准政府间专家工作组(ISAR)中国代表。

My Sessions

Part 1 – Enterprise Reporting – A New Chapter in Structured Data


Regulatory use of Structured Data in a Big Data Era Mr Zhang Ye, Director General, CSRC. With more and more data available to regulators and to market participants, how can regulators make better use of structured XBRL financial statement disclosures by using Big Data technology? The influence of informatization on CPA, Mr Shu Huihao, Secretary […]