Stanislav Korop

Central Bank of Russia

Stanislav Korop joined the Bank of Russia in December 2014. He was appointed as Advisor at the Department of non-credit financial institutions reports collection and processing, then – as Head of the Office for Information and Analytical Support leading the XBRL implementation project in the Bank of Russia. Since June 2017, Stanislav Korop is Deputy Director of the Reports Processing Department. Currently he coordinates the work of the Office for XBRL Taxonomy Development and Support and the Office for Methodological Support of Reports Collection and Processing.

Previously in 2008 – 2014, Stanislav was in charge of corporate finance and operations support at companies providing investment and consulting services, as well as at companies of microfinance sector. In 2003 – 2008, at Ernst & Young he obtained extensive experience in auditing financial institutions and operations support.

With broad experience in the development of educational programs on XBRL implementation, since July 2019 Stanislav heads a separate sub faculty at the Financial University “New technology in collections and processing financial statements”.

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